With a comprehensive range of product line we cater to market & industry for Synthetic Paints, Wood Polish, N.C. Primer, Lacquer, Enamel Paints, Polyurethane, Melamine, Epoxy and Allied Products. It has been our constant endeavor to supply quality products to our customers while maintaining high standards of quality, safety, health and environment. Our unique selling point lies in our quality, which out performs the other.

A comprehensive list of our Products which are being manufactured by our company are given below:

N.C. Thinner

Used to impart gloss in auto, refinish paints, wood lacquers, printing inks, leather/tannin industry and nail polish removers. Also, it proves to be good adhesion on metals and plastics.


A formulated blend of solvents for use of N.C. lacquers to promote flow and to prevent blushing/clouding of lacquer associated with humidity.

Epoxy Thinner

Effective in alkaline conditions and have a chemical resistant gloss with fast drying abrasion resistant for its use. It is recommended for use in laboratories, chemical paints, floor coating, where resistance is required against spillage or fume attack from a wide range of chemical and solvents.

Enamel Thinner

Formulated for use of enamel paints which is tough weather resistant and gloss coating on wood/galvanized steel/metal, interior or exterior.

P.U. Thinner

Has good resistance against weathering and has good gloss retention property in UV rays. It also has a wide range of applications which can be used for automotive, wood, metals, plastics and where ever high chemical and abrasion resistance is required.

Melamine Thinner

Used for melamine paints, which imparts smooth finish. Also have excellent adhesion, transparency and resistance to cold check.

Stoving Thinner

Used to formulate heat curing alkyd/amino resin based product and have excellent performance in fabrication, refrigerators, washing machine and air conditions, which provides outstanding durability.

Polish Thinner

Formulated for smooth polish finish in furniture/sports industries and other associated firms.

Universal Thinner

Universal Thinner is ideal for applications where a universal paint thinner is recommended. The broad solvency and graduated boiling range renders Recosol Universal Thinner ideal for use in etch primers, single pack primers, enamels, nitrocellulose and undercoats.

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